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Change of test configuration - today

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Change of test configuration - today
by Klaus Melf - Friday, 16 May 2014, 1:16 PM

Dear MPW-users,

As mentioned in the last MPW-newsletter (03-2014), the configuration of the test questions in all seven online courses will be changed today. Please be aware of the following new features of the test configuration:

  • For each test attempt a certain number of questions will randomly be selected.
  • You will receive an immediate feedback after each test attempt, and you will be able to see the correct answers for a period of two minutes. Afterwards, only the reached points and an overall feedback will be visible.
  • The tests are time-limited: you have about 1:30 minutes per question before submitting your answer.
  • An attempt can be repeated at the earliest after 30 minutes; during this time, you should re-read the lesson(s) in which you failed.
  • You pass a test when you reach at least 80% of the maximum points. When you have passed all tests of a course, you will be able to download the MPW course certificate.
  • You have only three attempts to answer the tests of each chapter. In case of problems please contact the course facilitator(s) in the respective course.

Good luck with studying the MPW online courses!

Dr. Klaus Melf,
Education Working Group Coordinator